LG Outsource 7 Inch Tablet ‘Homeboy’ to Samsung

Posted on Aug 23 2013 - 7:47pm by James Liston

As we all know Samsung and LG both as Korean companies are competitor in all aspects and it can be described as the two rival companies had the display issues on the court. But LG in South Korea has introduced a model of “Homeboy” 7-inch tablet and outsource to Samsung for producing the tablet.


According to the product description of this 7-inch tablet is to compete with the Amazon Kindle and it is also the replacement of the traditional home appliance with Smart Home device. It is built-in with more than 50 TV channels, 1 million of video and music and 10,000 of the library resources. In addition, the tablet also has a CCTV feature that able to record and control the CCTV camera for monitoring your home. At present, we still not have any detail information about this tablet, hope it can release soon.


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