12 Most Anticipated Technology Products in 2013

Posted on Mar 2 2013 - 8:43pm by rickychew

Year 2012 has past and here’s come the year 2013. Annual tech event MWC is currently on going in Barcelona with lots of new mobile devices being introduced to the consumers. Besides of the latest devices being introduced, what is your most anticipated technology products to be announced in year 2013? We have listed the 12 most anticipated technology products in year 2013, including next-generation iPhone, Xbox 720, PS4 consoles and Galaxy S4 smartphones. The following is a list of the most anticipated technology products in 2013:

Samsung galaxy s4

1.Galaxy S4

Galaxy S3 seems to be released not long ago, isn’t it? Yes, but do not stop the pace of time, the fourth-generation of Samsung’s flagship Android phone is expected to be released in March 2013. Rumored Galaxy S4 may be configured as five inches 1080P Full HD screen, Android 5.0 operating system and a 13 mega-pixel cameras.

IPhone 5S

2. Next Generation iPhone

It still a long time to wait until next generation iPhone is released. But according to the Apple’s iPhone release time in the past, all kinds of rumors already started to spread among the community. The next generation iPhone is more likely to be released in the summer or autumn of 2013 – but no idea it will be named 5S or 6. The possible improvement would include faster processors and higher storage capacity. Some rumors even said, the next generation iPhone will equipped with a larger screen.

Sony PS4

3. Sony PS4

Sony PS4 is expected to be officially announced and available in the market latest by the end of 2013. According to rumors, PS4 will have a huge hardware upgrade, equipped with eight-core AMD processor and a cloud-based platform. PS4 will inherit the characteristics of “PS3 entertainment center”. At the same time, it will also incorporate the idea of sharing, and be able to connect and share data with mobile devices.


4. Next Generation Xbox

The next-generation Xbox console will be released in 2013, but looking at the sale Nintendo Wii U, Microsoft will feel a bit nervous. Especially since the next-generation Xbox is expected to be equipped with a controller similar to Wii U. However, despite some negative rumors at the moment, the attraction point of Xbox still lay on the game, as well as powerful exclusive game works, including “Halo” and “Gears of War”.

IPad Mini 2

5. Equipped with Retina Screen iPad Mini 2

The highly anticipated retina display on Apple latest product is expected to be the continuation on iPad Mini 2. The resolution of the tablet is expected to double than iPad Mini to a resolution of 2048X1536. At the same time it is bound to have many other upgrades. The iPad Mini 2 is expected to be released later this year.

Yoga 11S Tablet

6. Lenovo Yoga 11S Hybrid Tablet

The 11-inch Lenovo Yoga notebook / tablet hybrid product has a great product design, but running on bad operating system Windows RT. 13 inch Yoga run the full version of Windows 8 for tablet purposes, but sound a bit too much. The upcoming Yoga 11S perhaps “exactly” combine the advantages of both: it uses a smaller, lighter 11-inch design, but to run a full version of Windows 8, while retaining a unique folding design. Announced in June 2013, the price is about $ 799.

LG 55EM9700

7.LG 55EM9700 TV

Despite the LG EM9700 likely become one of the year’s most expensive television, but it is the forerunner of the future. It is equipped with a new type of OLED display, better black performance than existing display technologies. The expected launch date of March 2013, the price of $ 12,000.


8. Panasonic ZT60 Plasma TV

Five years ago, Pioneer released plasma TV as Kruo. This TV is still ,without a doubt one of the best TV on the market, and ruined its fate in the mainstream market due to the high price. In the following year, Pioneer is also restructuring the TV business unit. However, in 2013, we finally will see several TV products which challenges this image quality benchmark. The first may be the cheapest of a successor, it will be the Panasonic ZT60. Base on the hand on preview on CES, this TV black performance close to the level of the OLED screen, but the price is less than a quarter of the latter.

Expected Release Date: April 2013.

Wikipad Tablet

9.Wikipad Game Tablet

With the release of Wikipad, cheap game console is expected to achieve a growth market segments in 2013. The 7-inch tablet will be powered by a dedicated control keys of the game, and the Nvidia Tegra processor.

Razer Edge

10. Razer Edge Game Console

Razer Edge game console was one of the highlights of CES 2013. The products will be equipped with the full version of the Windows system, and can support a variety of the latest games. The only drawback? Heavier weight and shorter battery life time may limit its portability.

Expected Release Date: March 2013

Price: $ 999.

Fuji Z100S

11. Fuji Z100S 11

As the successor of X100, Fuji Z100S will have the same optical performance, but equipped with a new sensor, viewfinder and AF system.

Expected Release Date: March 2013

Price: $ 1299

Ouya Game Console

12. Ouya Game Console

Ouya game console was originally a project on Kickstarter, is expected to debut in 2013 with many other Android game console. Ouya unique in its $ 99 lower price and open Android framework.

Expected Listing Date: June 2013

Price: $ 99 (the handle needs additional of $ 49)

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    My Best Gagdet among these is Galaxy S 4 :)

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    Sorry Apple but I’m not that crazy about the next iPhone.

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    samsung galaxy s4 is very powerfull !!

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    i think sgs 4 and ps4 are the most important and people waiting for !

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    The most expected is the galaxy s4

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    Wow. how can i have them? How good is S4? How much is it?

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