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Posted on Jan 25 2013 - 8:33pm by rickychew

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On December 12, 2012, OPPO Find 5 as the final release of a high-end smartphone model in year 2012. Here’s come year 2013, OPPO Find 5 is still among the tip-top high-end smartphone in the market. OPPO Find 5 is not designed based on 2012 technology but to stay competitive to other flagship. If 2012 is the year of emerging of quad-core mobile phones, then most likely in 2013, the year of the outbreak of large-size 1080p screen and high pixel camera.

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The OPPO Find 5 utilize the highest specifications of 1920 * 1080 resolution multi-touch IPS screen, the screen size of 5 inches, screen ppi reaches 441, we can simply summarize it as high-definition display with considerable large screen. OPPO Find 5 is equipped with a clock speed of 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon APQ8064 quad-core processor, Android 4.1 system with the OPPO depth customization system and the overall operation is very smooth. OPPO Find 5 has built-in 2GB RAM memory and 16GB of internal storage capacity. The device is also equipped with a 1.9MP front and 13 MP rear camera, a new stacked CMOS sensor, which produce excellent imaging results. The OPPO Find 5 equipped with built-in non-replaceable 2500 mAh battery but still with good standby capacity.

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The OPPO Find 5 proposed the concept of interest-screen aesthetics. When the phone is turned on, users will focus on the screen, while during the screen is off, we can still see the beauty brought by the perfect plated mysterious black layer.

There is a pure white design at the back of Oppo Find 5. Due to the OPPO Find 5 non-replaceable 2500 mAh battery, there is no way to open the back cover of the phone. The whole OPPO Find 5 body is treated with frosted matte except for the display. The workmanship is very good, not only provides a great feel, also play a role to prevent the phone slipped from the hands. With such treatment on the body,  fingerprints and oil are not easily stick on the device.

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oppo find 5 -6There is a big attraction on the back of Oppo Find 5, which is equipped with a 13 MP camera. This camera uses a new stacked CMOS sensor, the lens surface with a layer of blue glass filters ,below the lens also comes with dual LED flash lights. Support 0.3 seconds to quickly start the camera, 5 photos per second high-speed continuous shooting with limit of continuous shooting of 100 photos, and supports panorama shooting mode.

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oppo find 5 -8There is no complex setup options for Oppo Find 5 camera which only four mode available: ordinary camera shooting mode, HDR mode, super fine mode and panorama mode. Since the OPPO Find 5 pursued a minimalist operation, the OPPO the Find 5 engineers has fine-tuning the camera features of this phone, and ultimately that was presented to the user. The user simply open the camera, press the camera button to capture the photo without further fine-tuning.

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The OPPO Find 5 connection port and hardware keys is uniform distributed at each corner: left, right, up and down. There is only a 3.5mm headphone port while Micro USB located at the bottom of the body,which can be used for data transfer or charging the phone. Power button and volume keys located at each of fuselage’s side while SIM card slot at the left side of the fuselage. OPPO Find 5 using the Micro-SIM card.

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  1. mrvaio March 7, 2013 at 11:36 pm - Reply

    its big but look not elegant, i dont like its style very much

  2. SW_Glumff40 March 14, 2013 at 5:34 am - Reply

    I guess the price will not be so high than Samsung and other brands ? Because, for a chinese phone (they started to build very high quality phones with smaller price, that’s awesome !), it’s very beautiful and design ! Maybe the quality of the body isn’t that much, but, yeah, Samsung have plastic. Can’t be worst.

  3. Sérgio Santos March 20, 2013 at 11:34 pm - Reply

    This phone can compete with s4 or a htc one! hope that ‘ll have a good price.

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