How to Start Group Chat in Whatsapp Application

Posted on Dec 19 2012 - 8:39pm by rickychew

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Group chat have been used in Facebook for quite some time and it’s pretty common for discussion among friends in such a social networking platform. As more people afford a smartphone, Whatsapp, platform to provide free SMS service, is getting popular among Android users. Like iMessage in Apple’s product, Whatsapp allows users to send short message to their friends without any additional charge except for the data usage. Despite, you can even start group chat using Whatsapp to gather all idea of where to go, what to eat, which movie and etc.

If you just switch from fruit phone to Android, Whatsapp application is the one we highly recommended to you. From here, we also show you how to start a group chat with your friends, getting everyone in the loop for your discussion.

How to Start Group Chat in Whatsapp:

1. Download Whatsapp from Google Store. If you have installed in your Android devices, proceed to Step 2.

2. Open Whatsapp in your device. At the first time using Whatsapp, you need to activate the account by key in your phone number.

3. After registration completes, you shall see the friends’ contact who have Whatsapp installed.

4. While at the Whatsapp User Interface, press on the capacitive button to call out the menu.

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5. Press on New Group, Proceed with typing the group name.

Screenshot 2012 12 19 18 35 24

6. Continue by pressing Next button on the top right corner.

7. Choose those to be added in the group through the contact lists. 

8. Once all the name is selected, press on Create on the top right corner.

Screenshot 2012 12 19 18 36 23

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